Basic Guide: Firmware Update

Hi everybody,

I am doing my master’s thesis with an openZmeter board, to carry out a Machine Learning project using the getting data by the board.

I would like to know how could update the board, as well as acquire basic knowledge to carry out my project. I would like to collaborate with you taking advantage of my work to make a small user manual or basic start-up guide for new users who are lost like me.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Marco,

Thank you for your support. We are pleased to hear that ozm is useful to other researchers.

There is a wiki with a lot of information. Maybe not updated 100%, but highly usable. It can be of help if you can collaborate in maintaining the wiki.
Regarding the update, the ozm board can be updated through the web interface (Settings).

Let us know if you have any problem.

Note: please can you use English for a broader audience? Thank you

Hi Paco,

Thank you for your reply. I have read the wiki that you provided me and i couldn’t find the way to update my board. Maybe the board has a too old firmware version. Could you help me?

Hi Marco,

Can you please attach some pictures of your dashboard? The update feature was added recently, so maybe it needs to be performed manually.

Hi Paco,

Yes of course, i’ll show you bellow.

I have been able to verify in the demo, that the new version of the Firmware has a button to update in the “Help” tab. So i don`t know how could update the firmware manually, Could you help me?

ok, Marco… You have an older version where auto-update wasn’t available. I’ll send you a private message with instructions to update your ozm

Ok Paco, I will use the instructions to create a documentation on a Wiki to help other users and help you!

Best regards,