Current sensing coils

Dear all,

I finally managed to get my device (V2.02) to work. Flashing and compiling the openZmeter program took me quite a while to figure out, but now it works very nicely. :slight_smile: I recorded voltages so far and would like to try to use it as a energy meter now.

Which coils are you using? Do you built your own? Do you have some recommendations for me?

On the image of the V2.02 device it seems that you are using Rogowski coils from LEM from the ART series? Is that correct? They are quite pricy. Are there any alternatives or are they necessary to get nice precision?

Best regards

Hi, you can use YHDC HSTS016L it works really good and are cheap. You need to set jumper in 5v mode.

Thank you for the suggestion. :slight_smile:

How crucial is it with those devices that the wire goes straight through the coil? Is calibration needed?


What do you mean? what devices?

Calibration is needed if high precision is required. Current probes are about 1% typically.