Custom database via openZmeter website


I would like to make a new database with all the data in oZm. It will be great if I could crate a new button in the website.

So, I have two questions.

  1. Create a new database with the oZm parameters that I want.
  2. Create a new button, for example in a new tab of the website, that make a request of the custom database and dowload it in a CSV file.


Hi, we are working in some database functions

  • Export all database (or specified data range) and download as compressed json.
  • import from compresed json, this allow move data from one ozm to other, or save data when memory is nearly full.
  • Remove data in specified data range or all.

We tell you went these funtions are ready.

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Download All Data sounds good… but is quite general to be implemented. Maybe JSON format (as stated by @edu) is the right way. Once downloaded you can play with them and export to other formats using online or specific tools.


Ok!! JSON format it’s good too!

I’m interested in extract all raw data in a certain structure. The data format doesn’t matter.