Enhancements request

Hello guys,

As I’m Portuguese, probably some of these requests are pointless for other realities… Nevertheless, I’d like to give my inputs/requests for optimizing oZm:

Costs analysis (comparable to power supplier invoice)

  • Configurable costs, taxes and fees (fixed, variable, VAT, etc), per supplier and tariff
  • Configurable “Vazio-Ponta-Cheios” periods for legal Summer and Winter time and “Ciclo Diário / Ciclo Semanal”
  • Select invoice period (e.g.: every month, from the 29th till 28th ; every two months, 19th till 18th)
  • Compare different cicles, tariffs and suppliers
  • Input real cumulative readings from power supplier meter, so we can compare oZm and supplier meter readings
  • Ability to override oZm cumulative readings, to match supplier meter
  • Estimation of cost for next invoice period


  • Also breakdown per “Vazio-Ponta-Cheios”
  • Selectable time periods of days and hours (e.g.: Last six months, between 04:00 and 06:00 ; 2017 and 2018 week days, between 18h30 and 22h00)
  • Export to *.csv


  • An exportable pdf report of events, dully certified, to present to power supplier or insurance company


Thank your for interest Luis. Regarding your request, I can say we are now working in a major update for ozm. A new module for Tariff calculation will be available. so you can create custom tariffs or load templates from your country. At this moment, we are preloading Spanish rates, but we are open to implement other countries. With this module you can:

  • Configure energy, power, taxes, fees and whatever field related to a typical bill.
  • Configure daily periods like peak, off-peak,etc for different seasons (summer, winter, etc).
  • Select custom invoice period.
  • Compare different tariffs with a new designed Tariff Simulator.
  • Realtime cost for current period

About heatmap, all your requests are also on the road. About events, you can always take screenshots but at this moment it is not possible to build anything beyond because oZm is not a class A certified device. Custom reports with events is almost done and will be released soon.

We are also working on the Alarm module, where you can define custom levels for Power, Voltage, Invoice and Energy, and be warned through Telegram app.

Stay tuned for this month.

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Thanks @paco. I look forward for the updates.


Also an export *.csv tool, were we could select time period and data (voltage, power, current, etc.) so we could work it in excel, would be very appreciated.


Sure, you can count on it!

Are you thinking about providing GAPoT values as a sort of extra feature. Perhaps in a later release?

kind regards

Sorry John, I did not reply to your post.

Yes, right now ozm supports some basic calculations using Geometric Algebra Power Theory (GAPoT). If you need detailed information, please contact me.