Firmware Update on v1.1

Hey oZm, thanks for this awesome product.
I made some minor modifications in the STM32 firmware and I wanted to test in the v1.1 board, how can I update the firmware ?

Hi, hardware version v1.1 have 3 pin header to attach SWD debug, i use cheap STLink V2. One pin is GND and other two are SWCLK and SWDIO. For programing we use openocd.

Remember to share your work! :wink:

Hi Edu,
Thanks for the reply. Tried with STLink V2 without success. I can’t connect to my board.
Do I need to connect BOOT0 pin to VCC ?

Edit 1:
Managed to connect successfully. I had to update my st link v2 firmware to the lastest available version.
I compiled and flashed the fw for v1.1, but the device does not behave as expected (LEDs don’t work, NanoPi won’t power up)

Hi, can you check if 5v is present in nanopi conector? The one near capacitors?

There some issues on v1.1 pcb than we solve with a couple of wire pieces. But as far as i know this issues are corrected in git. I double check.