New Tariff module

We are working on a flexible and powerful module for rates/tariffs in oZm. We have almost done the basic structure based on daily periods, season periods and price for energy and power for every hour of the day.

For example, in Spain we have regulated (by the government) and market tariffs. One of the most used by homes is 2.0DHA, with 2 seasons (summer and winter) and 2 daily periods (peak and off-peak). Energy prices are different for both periods. We also have 3.0A tariff with 3 periods and Maximum Demand Indicator (MDI). There are also other HighVoltage (HV) tariffs with some more complicated structure, but also to be implemented. All tariffs have taxes, discounts and meter rental. Other fields can also be added.

I’d like to hear about detailed tariff schemes in other countries, so maybe we can add it to oZm.

thank you, paco

Hi @paco,

In Portugal (for contracted power less or equal than 41,4 kVA) we can contract one of three types of Counting Cycles, and each one has different energy prices:
• Tri-horário: 3 counting cycles per day (ponta, cheias e vazio)
• Bi-horário: 2 counting cycles per day ([ponta + cheias =] fora-vazio e vazio)
• Simples: 1 counting cycle per day

We also have to contract a Time Cycle (It’s called “PERÍODOS HORÁRIOS”):
• Ciclo Diário: Time cycles are the same all year long
• Ciclo Semanal: Time cycles differ between Working Days, Saturdays and Sundays, as well as legal Summer and Winter times

The Contracted power will influence the meter rental.

Contracted power: 6,9 kVA | Simples | Bi-horário | Tri-horário
Vazio (€/kWh) | 0,16190 € | 0,09690 € | 0,09420 €
Ponta (€/kWh) | 0,16190 € | 0,20280 € | 0,29420 €
Cheio (€/kWh) | 0,16190 € | 0,20280 € | 0,17150 €
Power fee (€/day) | 0,37940 € | 0,38350 € | 0,38570 €

Then we have fees and taxes:
Fees and taxes | Cost | VAT
Audiovisual (€/month) | 2,85000 € | 6%
DGEG (€/month) | 0,07000 € | 23%
IEC (€/kWh) | 0,00100 € | 23%
Power fee (€/day) | - € | 23%
Power (€/kWh) | - € | 23%




As there’s so many variables, perhaps all this should be customizable.


Thank you for your comment Luis. Portugal tariffs look pretty similar to Spain. I think we can accommodate them without too much effort.