V2 Hardware and Firmware


I am looking at the material from master branch, namely at V2_03. It is rather confusing which actually is the design corresponding to the Firmware:

  • The design in source form for KiCAD under /PCB folder (uses STM32L412R8T6)? Or,
  • The design in PDF form under /Docs folder (uses STM32F042)?



More inconsistencies… E.g. in KiCAD schematics for V2_03 PS1’s link leads to HLK-PM01 (Ultra-compact power module HLK-PM01), but the part footprint is very different from the footprint in KiCAD’s PCB. All in all, everything looks quite unreliable and not worth building.

I hope I am wrong, and get some guidance on what are the correct versions to build of hardware, with matching firmware and software.


Hi jaranguren,

DeviceV2_03 is under development! The last you can check is DeviceV2 (In devel) it contains lastest working model.

DeviceV2_03 will be removed from repo until is ready to show.